Brother Bear (2003, Disney Movie) – 6/10 review

Director: Aaron Blaise
Director: Robert Walker
Writer (Screenplay): Tab Murphy
Writer (Screenplay): Lorne Cameron
Writer (Screenplay): David Hoselton
Writer (Screenplay): Steve Bencich
Writer (Screenplay): Ron Friedman
Composer (Songs): Phil Collins
Supervising Animator Kenai – Bear: Byron Howard
Joaquin Phoenix: Kenai – Bear
Supervising Animator Koda: Alexander S. Kupershmidt
Jeremy Suarez: Koda
Supervising Animator Denahi: Ruben A. Aquino
Jason Raize: Denahi
Supervising Animator Kenai – Human: James Young Jackson
Joaquin Phoenix: Kenai – Human

Brother Bear (2003)

Kenai seeks to avenge the death of his older brother by killing the bear responsible. However, his older brother, now a spirit, seeks to teach his impetuous and selfish younger brother a lesson and, obviously, changes him into a bear.


Tedious talking sections undermine what should have been a largely ‘silent’ / song-based film; the same mistake they made with the rather more ambitious Dinosaur. That said, the comedy bits generally work and, in the end, it produces the requisite emotions. Phil Collins’ songs and score (co-written with Mark Mancina as with the outstanding Tarzan) are fine but the animation is distinctly below par for a premium Disney release. The CG and backgrounds are animated fluidly but the main characters appear to be done at rather less than the full 24-frames-per-second. So, almost despite itself, an above-average six. Especially, if you listen to the highly entertaining audio commentary by the moose brothers. Yep.

This movie contains violence, unpleasant scenes and the bears aren’t wearing any clothes.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.

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