Bioshock (2007, Game, 360) – 10/10 review

Writer (Story): Ken Levine
Writer: Ken Levine
Creative Director: Ken Levine
Director of Product Development: Jonathan Chey
Project Lead: Alyssa Finley

Bioshock (2007)

1960, Mid-Atlantic: Your plane crashes into the ocean but a beacon of hope towers over the water. You enter and find a once-remarkable undersea city but the crash was only the start of your trauma. Welcome to Rapture, and the world of Andrew Ryan.


When reviewers talk about atmosphere in a game, this is what they are talking about (see also the Half-Life series). This is the best-looking non-Epic Unreal Engine game; it shows that it isn’t the engine’s fault that so many games built in it look kinda ugly but that the developers are not getting the best out of it. However, Bioshock isn’t quite perfect. The main problem is the staggering gameplay decision that pulling your Plasmid or Weapon trigger does not always fire it; you have to press it twice if switching from one to the other or you have to press a button then the trigger. Every other problem is rather minor (the Big Daddy boots make a quickly tiresome noise) and are more than compensated for by the incredible production design, wonderful sound, interesting gameplay and surprisingly well-told story (there are almost no cut-scenes) with a reveal in the second-act climax that will really tickle the grey cells especially if someone reminds you what Vita-Chambers do.

This game contains sexual swear words and substance abuse (plasmids) and extended extremely unpleasant and extremely gory scenes, extended extreme and gory gun violence, extended extreme and gory melee violence, extended graphic fantasy violence.

Classified 18 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over.

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