Earth Defence Force 2017 (2007, 360) – 8/10 giant insect and giant robot third-person shooter game review

Cast / crew

Earth Defence Force 2017 (2007)


Though this was slammed for poor graphics, that doesn’t tell the whole story of this game that engenders insane loyalty for its fans, including me, and vitriolic disbelief from everyone else. There are, however, outrageously beautiful explosions, especially from the spectacular giant walking robots, there are hundreds of giant insects all over the shop and you can destroy every building you can see. For real; not like the lies put forward by the Battlefield series. In short bursts, it’s simply delirious. There’s a super-ginormous playtime to get all achievements (over ninety for me to get to 900) and it would be easy to become jaded but play it for less than half-an-hour at a time and you will have great fun, especially with a friend.

This game contains mild swear words and extreme gun violence against giant extra-terrestrial bugs and robots.


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