Lie To Me 1.13 Sacrifice (2009, TV) – 7/10 review

Cast / crew
Tim Roth: Dr. Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams: Dr. Gillian Foster
Brendan Hines: Eli Loker
Monica Raymund: Ria Torres
Creator: Samuel Baum
Mekhi Phifer:
Sean Patrick Thomas:
Molly Price:
Jonathan Banks:
Hayley McFarland: Emily Lightman
Anthony Azizi:
Bernard White:
Jennifer Beals: Zoe Landau
Supervising Producer: Josh Singer
Co-Executive Producer: Dustin Thomason
Co-Executive Producer: Adam Davidson
Writer: Josh Singer
Writer: Dustin Thomason
Director: Adam Davidson

Lie To Me 1.13 Sacrifice (2009)

The FBI use Lightman when a suicide bombing destroys a bus full of passengers.


Of course it would be marvellous if all suicide bombings could be cleared up inside a day but that’s the nature of television dramas and the story is interesting and unpredictable enough to close Lie To Me on a high. The episode title Sacrifice gets one worried that the writers had run out of ideas and would be killing off one of our heroes but, refreshingly, that’s not the case. The sacrifice comes in the form of the comic book clichĂ© “with these powers, I shall become a superhero” and the famous Star Trek quote: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.” Lie To Me has proved to be an entertaining and interesting new show and I look forward to a second season.

This Lie To Me episode contains unpleasant scenes.


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