Slimm GBPVR 1.8.3447.20163 released

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To install:

For all details regarding current version, please see documentation which is installed alongside the utility and is available in the GBPVR start menu group.


This release:

Tray Features

  • The tray icon can now have a tooltip allowing you to disable the balloon if you wish and still receive information by hovering over the icon. The Tray Configuration form has a new System Tray Tool-tip area to customise the tool-tip. They are also a couple of additional registry settings to customise the tool-tip.
  • "Delay shutdown when intercepted" added to Tray Configuration/Advanced/Shutdown options.
  • If Slimm GBPVR is already running, when you start a new copy it will terminate the old one. This is handy for when Windows Explorer crashes and doesn’t restore the icon. Now you simply run Slimm GBPVR again; the old instance will be terminated and the new one, with a shiny new icon, will execute. It has been used to provide command-line access to Slimm GBPVR’s delayed shutdown features.
  • Command line switch /shutdown added.

Tray Bug Fixes

  • If Slimm GBPVR cannot retrieve the tuner status (if, for example, one of your tuners has crashed), it will not execute an automatic (delayed) shutdown.
  • Tuner Status warning and error messages (that appear when the tuner status cannot be retrieved once or several times respectively) now use balloon tips instead of message boxes.
  • Auto-restart recording service now attempts to restart service a few times before throwing up an error balloon and not trying again.
  • Multiple instances of Slimm GBPVR are now closed via PostThreadMessage WM_QUIT instead of Process.Kill. This means that the application closes properly and the system tray icon is removed.

Tray Coding

  • Slimm GBPVR now sets ES_AWAYMODE_REQUIRED for SetThreadExecutionState in compliance with Vista’s new rules on power management.
  • Vista and above only: Slimm GBPVR also sets ShudownBlockReason while GBPVR is recording so that when it prevents a system shutdown, Vista can tell the user why.

GBPVRcli Features

  • /tunerstatus switch added.



You can post support queries on the Slimm GB-PVR forum hosted at



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