JCVD (2008) – 8/10 Fictional Real-Life Drama movie review

Cast / crew
Jean-Claude Van Damme: JCVD
Writer: Mabrouk El Mechri
Director: Mabrouk El Mechri
Writer: Christophe Turpin

JCVD (2008)

Things are not going great for Jean-Claude Van Damme at the moment. His movie career is on the wane, he’s got money troubles and his daughter is being taken away from him by the courts. To sort out his cashflow problem he stops off in a Belgium post office and, to onlookers surprise, robs it.


Astonishing drama that sees Jean-Claude Van Damme play, quite brilliantly, himself. While we get the point of some of the scenes long before they are over (JCVD being the self-obsessed star barging his way into the post office), the staggering awesomeness of the premise never ceases to delight and have you glued to the screen and there are several scenes that are genuine classics. The monologue is the obvious stand-out but the opening action scene punchline and cigarette scene are fun and the dream finalĂ© is a much-wanted joy (roundhouse kick, yay!). At the end of the day, though, it’s JCVD himself and his quite brilliant performance in an outrageously wonderful concept that sticks in the mind. Probably the only thing that’s really missing is JCVD’s bum. Nevertheless, a must-see for JCVD and film fans.

This movie contains sexual swear words and gun violence, melee and martial arts violence.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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