Quantum of Solace (2008, First- and Third-Person Shooter Game, 360) – 7/10 review

Daniel Craig: James Bond 007
Olga Kurylenko: Camille
Mathieu Amalric: Dominic Greene
Mads Mikkelsen: Le Chiffre
Judi Dench: M
Senior Producer: Garrett Young

Quantum of Solace Quantum of Solace (2008)

Bond follows a lead into the organisation who were manipulating Vesper Lynd. Though when I say ‘follow a lead,’ I mean Bond kills hundreds of gun-toting henchmen. Which has got to help a bit, at least.


There is a complete absence of iconic action in the movie Quantum of Solace, a complete lack of Bondian swagger and attitude in both that movie and Casino Royale and a largely bland flow to the game’s levels but with these elements accepted, this remains a highly playable shooter with some agreeable cover-based action. It doesn’t fall into the typical Bond-game trap of trying to do too many things, nor does it supply ridiculously over-powered bosses (some are quick-time events, some take one or two judicious shots) or non-standard control layouts. Multiplayer offers a good selection of game modes which work well and are fun. So while, like parent movie Quantum of Solace, this simply doesn’t feel like Bond, it is a smooth, solid, easy-to-play shooter in its own right.

This Quantum of Solace game contains mild swear words and extended gun violence, strong melee violence.

Classified 16+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for persons who have reached the age of 16 or over..
Classified Violence by PEGI. Game contains depictions of violence.

One thought on “Quantum of Solace (2008, First- and Third-Person Shooter Game, 360) – 7/10 review

  1. Hey dude, nice review. I help run a gaming blog myself and came to similar conclusions. Luckily, I piked the game up for only $15 so to me it was easy to recommend at that price.

    Plus, when you compare Quantum to most licensed movie games, it’s almost golden.

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