Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (2005, Animated Romantic Fantasy Movie) – 7/10 review

Producer: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp: Victor Van Dort
Helena Bonham Carter: Corpse Bride
Emily Watson: Victoria Everglot
Albert Finney: Finis Everglot
Joanna Lumley: Maudeline Everglot
Christopher Lee: Pastor Galswells
Director: Tim Burton
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Tim Burton
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Carlos Grangel
Writer (Screenplay): John August
Writer (Screenplay): Caroline Thompson
Writer: Pamela Pettler
Director: Mike Johnson

Corpse Bride, Tim Burton’s (2005)

Fleeing a disastrous wedding rehearsal, Victor Van Dort practices his vows in the woods outside town and accidentally slips the ring onto the hand of a dead young woman who rises out of the ground and responds with "I do." Oops.


Magnificently animated (from frame one, it’s so good you won’t believe or even notice it was animated), voiced and designed, this is another fun, warm and wacky entry into the canon of Tim Burton but there’s not much flesh on these bones. (Sorry.) This isn’t in the same class as Burton and Elfman’s timeless masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas. Danny Elfman’s okay songs largely tell you nothing while the dialogue too often tells you stuff that you had already discerned or felt. But at least you do feel it, especially with the unexpectedly beautiful final shot, while "I’ve got a dwarf and I’m not afraid to use him" may be destined for quotable classic status.

This movie contains mild adult references and mild unpleasant scenes, violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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