Supercar Challenge – Enzo Ferrari custom livery: Prawn GP

With the release of Eutechnyx and System 3’s Supercar Challenge, it’s time to start dreaming up new custom liveries to play with in their largely splendid livery editor.

The most obvious new feature (since Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli) is the ability to save and load groups of vinyls between cars and it is a pleasure to note that scaling a group now works correctly. Another nice addition is exact numbers for the placement and angle of your vinyl meaning you no longer have to work solely by eye in lining up or sizing vinyls.

This custom livery was inspired by 2009’s ‘new’ team Brawn GP. Their logo seemed pretty straight-forward and would be a nice test for the livery editor and the new ability to save and load a vinyl group.

Supercar Challenge also has a welcome ability to type in words to become a group of vinyls so I typed in BRAWN GP. A quick skew of the A and we were away. However, skewing the W didn’t produce the right effect. In the end the W is created using an I and an N so the letters used actually spell BRAINN GP. To make the letters appear chunkier than the default, all of them were duplicated and offset to one side.

Originally, I created a Brawn GP logo but when I came to place it on an Enzo Ferrari with the fluorescent yellow (not available in Supercar Challenge) changed to red, it felt appropriate to change it. So Prawn GP it is.

I had chosen the Enzo Ferrari because of it’s distinctive bonnet shape that is deliberately reminiscent of a Formula One car. I changed the Brawn GP fluorescent yellow to red in keeping with Ferrari tradition and tried to get a nice clean look to the livery.

A Bridgestone logo and racing number 37 were added as the final touches for my first custom livery for Supercar Challenge. I hope you like it.

2 thoughts on “Supercar Challenge – Enzo Ferrari custom livery: Prawn GP

  1. I just imported this game as they didn’t release it in the US and I need someone to make up some new car vinyls. Would anyone out there be willing to do this for me? What would the charge be per car? Is that something you could email me? Lots of questions, I guess. Let me know if you have the answers!

    1. You can find people such as myself who paint in this game on the official Eutechnyx forum. The most popular guy is bruno72. Send me an email with your design and a price you think fair. Though I haven’t tested it, you should be able to receive designs by email and copy them to the relevant location on the PS3 via USB memory stick. Note that designs in Supercar Challenge cannot be too complicated as they are limited to 50 unique vinyls (that make up the design) per side.

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