Supercar Challenge – Ferrari 599XX custom livery: Portal’s Aperture Laboratories


In trying to draw a line from just behind the front wheel to the rear of the car, Supercar Challenge’s most bizarre and immediately obvious limitation causes rather more work than you’d think: you can only resize vinyls to a certain size (a number of 4.997) and that size, for a square primitive, is less than a quarter of the length of a car. This is a restriction that didn’t exist in Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli so why it’s here is a bit of a mystery.

On the plus side, you can size vinyls to any smallness now whereas on Ferrari, the smallest possible size was still rather chunky.

The original plan for this livery was to have something to do with Valve’s classic first-person puzzler Portal. I quickly came across a chap who had brilliantly modded a PC to resemble the PC’s lying around the Aperture Laboratories facility and the logo for Aperture Laboratories rang a bell. It was extremely close to one of the Gear primitives and so this custom livery got underway.

The gear primitive and text entry option made this extremely straight-forward though, as always, there was a significant amount of moving and sizing before finally settling on the design above. One detail that I was pleased to include is that the A of Aperture replaces one of the elements of the circular gear logo.

Thanks to the inability to stretch a square beyond a certain size, to create the white area at the bottom took an incredible eight vinyls, the black line below two and the black line above four. With fifty vinyl slots per side, not being able to use a single vinyl for a long line or block of colour could easily have a negative impact on a design you were hoping to implement.

The last decision I had was what colour to paint the main body of the car. I’d done it with Rosso Mugello in mind (first picture) but then felt that white was probably more appropriate. This would be my second white Ferrari in a row and as I was going through the colours I felt that one of them looked a bit like the colour of the cake. Which may or may not exist. Decisions, decisions.

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