Supercar Challenge – Aston Martin DBR9 custom livery: Top Gear Stig Helmet

I’m not too sure how effective this livery is. It’s one of those which looks really peculiar from a lot of angles but pretty decent from the side and, in motion in replays, the effect is quite satisfying.

The Top Gear logo was created by skewing letters to italicize them and then copying and pasting an identical group of letters just a little bit to the side to give the letters the required thickness.

The gears are unaltered vinyls which don’t match the Top Gear logo but the effect works okay.

The Stig is a case of not trying to get perfection. Firstly, it was surprisingly difficult to find a profile picture of the Stig using Google Image Search but when I did find one I found I couldn’t quite match it. He uses, I think, a Simpson Diamondback and it turns out helmets are an odd shape. The Diamondback isn’t shaped much like the helmet vinyl available and that was the root of my problem. I had to relax a bit, used primitives to get more the shape I wanted and ended up creating more of an impression of the Stig and, I think, it is clear what it is supposed to be. I conveyed the air slots, large chin and aggressive styling as successfully as I might have hoped.

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