Supercar Challenge – Chevrolet Corvette C6-R custom livery: inFamous

Now I’m not too happy with this and intend to revisit it once the patch allowing us to resize vinyls beyond 4.999 is released. (I want to add ink splats and may redesign the colouring.) The paint colour of the car is blue and the red half is created using so many vinyls that, on the right side, all 51 layers are used. In inFamous, your behaviour is registered on a karma scale with blue representing good actions and red representing evil; hence the two-tone livery.

The real nightmare of this livery is that I bought the car, went directly to the Vinyl Shop, spent a couple of hours creating an inFamous logo complete with little dude in the "O" regularly saving and exiting. When I finished, I thought about saving the lightning bolt and inFamous logo as vinyl groups but decided not to. Imagine my horror then when the following day I loaded up Supercar Challenge to be greeted by a blank yellow Corvette. It turns out that there is a bug and that if you don’t exit to the front menu after buying a car, Stupidcar Challenge will forget your livery set. Gaaah!

Several hours of counseling later, and it was time for take two. It all went well and, as is usual for second attempts, some stuff went better. The lightning bolts on this car are much nicer and used fewer vinyls than before. On the flip side, I didn’t quite get the dude in the "O" as good as before and he is a teensy bit thin. Needless to say, I very much saved the lightning bolt and inFamous logo before leaving the Vinyl Shop this time.

By the way, inFamous is a terrific game with brilliant playability and a lot of fun.

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