Supercar Challenge – Ferrari 512 S custom livery: System 3 Elf

Inspired by the 1980’s Formula One Renault Elf.

System 3 logo: this was inspired by the logo that is used on the in-game billboards. It isn’t a perfect match as you can see from the screenshots taken at Hockenheimring. It turned out trickier than initially conceived as you can’t recolor the Pattern System 3 from black to white. I used the other System 3 logo and placed black primitives above and below it to make it a white System 3 logo on a large black background. Then I placed yellow skewed primitives over it to create the slanted effect and yellow long horizontal primitives placed to break up the logo into the four horizontal parts.

Elf logo: Removed the left part of the F cross bar and created the e using concentric circular primitives as the Solid Text e is not circular. I don’t think I made the letters quite tall enough but the logo is recognisable.

Supercar Challenge Top Tip: the AI cannot drive this car well, so if you’re struggling with an event, use this car to give yourself a nice advantage. To make sure you don’t have the same problems as the computer, do not cut over any raised kerbs.

Note: All the pictures are 1280×720 if you save them.

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