FlashForward 1.03 137 Sekunden (2009, Mystery Serial Drama) – 5/10 review

Joseph Fiennes: Mark Benford
John Cho: Demetri Noh
Brían F. O’Byrne: Aaron Stark
Courtney B. Vance: Stan Wedeck
Sonya Walger: Olivia Benford
Christine Woods: Janis Hawk
Creator For Television: David S. Goyer
Creator For Television: Brannon Braga
Shohreh Aghdashloo:
Kim Dickens:
Thomas Kretschmann:
Lee Thompson Young: Agent Gough
Barry Shabaka Henley: Agent Vreede
Curt Lowens:
Gina Torres:
Jeff Richards:
Gabrielle Union:
Executive Producer: David S. Goyer
Executive Producer: Marc Guggenheim
Producer: Mark H. Ovitz
Writer (Screenplay): David S. Goyer
Writer (Screenplay): Marc Guggenheim
Director: Michael Rymer

FlashForward 1.03 137 Sekunden (2009)

Benford gets contacted by an ex-Nazi held in a German prison who claims knowledge of both the FBI agents name, why the blackout lasted 137 seconds and something else that will prove critical to Benford’s investigation but, in return, wants a full pardon and repatriation to the United States of America.


There’s a reasonably cunning battle of wits going on here but since Joseph Fiennes’ Mark Benford is such a bland pig-headed dunce, that’s rather over-stating his role in the aforementioned battle. Again, there are interesting elements regarding whether the flash-forwards are truth or not and the effect they are having on people in the present and the final five seconds are expertly bolted on to make you want to watch again but a lack of characters I want to watch and a lack of story development (we are no further forward than immediately after the flash-forward two weeks ago) means that I will not be tuning in again next week.


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