Supercar Challenge – Ferrari 365 GTB4 Competizione custom livery: Batman


This was inspired by looking through the available vinyls and spying a skyline on the Silhouettes page. I had already considered the idea of doing a bat-symbol but was thinking of the Dark Knight style being placed super large on the Stirling Moss McLaren. With the skyline, I decided to try a more classic bat-symbol and have the colour scheme come from the 1960’s TV series and awesome 1966 theatrical movie ("Bat Shark Repellent" – genius).

The bat-symbol was created by drawing a large gold ellipse using the circle primitive. Then I copied it, changed it black and shrank it. Then yellow pieces were placed over the smaller black ellipse to reveal the bat-logo hidden within. Though it took a bit of fiddling, this went surprisingly and satisfyingly smoothly. Once the bat-symbol was complete, I shrunk it to to a final size.

The skyline was created using the vinyl from the Silhouettes page and has white rectangles placed behind it to highlight the windows on the skyscrapers.

The final question was would I place the bat-symbol on the bonnet or on each side? I quickly decided to have one on each side but that left the question of what to place on the massive expanse of bonnet. A quick google image search for "batman kapow" turned up an element that I could produce a fascimile of and so we have the word "kapow!" exploding across my bonnet.

This was a fun livery that went really smoothly. I really enjoyed doing it.

Note: All the pictures are 1280×720 if you save them.

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