Supercar Challenge – Aston Martin DBR9 custom livery: Gulf Oil


I made a good effort to make a very accurate Gulf Oil logo. I reprofiled the F correctly by moving the cross stroke to be level with top of little u. Little blanking pieces to add serifs to G and u and another little blanking piece to thin out the upper part of the f (the beak terminal).

At the time, there was no matching orange so the bonnet stripe does not match the orange surround of the Aston’s ‘mouth.’

This is the Gulf logo followed by a couple of nice pictures from Serious Wheels showing the original car.

Gulf logo

Note: These pictures are 1920×1440 if you save them and if you click them you will go to the Serious Wheels site where you can access other sizes.

Aston Martin DBR9 side Aston Martin DBR9 front top

Note: All the pictures are 1280×720 if you save them.

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