The Mentalist 2.03 Red Badge (2009, Light Crime Drama TV) – 6/10 review

Creator: Bruno Heller
Simon Baker: Patrick Jane
Robin Tunney: Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang: Kendall Cho
Owain Yeoman: Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti: Grace Van Pelt
Terry Kinney: Sam Bosco
Christian Clemenson: Dr. Roy Carmen
Kyle Davis:
Mozhan Marnò:
Bonnie Root:
Gregory Itzin: Virgil Minelli
Co-Executive Producer: Ashley Gable
Producer: Charlie Goldstein
Writer: Ashley Gable
Director: Eric Laneuville
Executive Producer: Bruno Heller

Mentalist, The 2.03 Red Badge (2009)

The murdered body of a paroled child molester that Lisbon sent to prison is found just around the corner from CBI with three neatly grouped gun shot wounds. Lisbon starts to investigate but finds her own fingerprints on bullets and cannot find her own memories of the night of the murder.


Hypnosis simply does not work on television; in fact, it doesn’t work to watch it on anybody you don’t know at least quite well. It always has the same effect on drama: it brings proceedings to a crushing halt. It’s always used to deliver a deus ex machina (in this episode, a critical clue that could be gleaned no other way though, admirably, it initially appears to be an non-deus ex machina). If your episode has hypnosis in it as an unavoidable plot point, you’ve failed. Outside of this, the episode is slickly paced, nicely acted and solidly entertaining. Robin Tunney gets a fun episode as she starts freaking out, loses it and prances around in just a football jersey. If your episode has an attractive woman prancing around in just a football jersey as an unavoidable plot point, you’ve succeeded.

This Mentalist, The episode contains adult dialogue and unpleasant scene.


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