Prince of Persia (2008, Third-Person Platform Game, 360) – 6/10 review

Senior Producer: Bertrand Helias
Producer: Ben Mattes
Creative Director: Jean-Christophe Guyot
Art Director: Mickael Labat
Lead Programmer: Charles Jacob
Lead Programmer Gameplay: Cyril Meynier
Director Narrative: Andrew Walsh
Lead Game Designer: Thomas Delbuguet
Lead Game Designer: Kevin Guillemette
Level Design Director: Francois Emery
Nolan North: The Prince
Kari Wahlgren: Elika
Music: Stuart Chatwood
Music: Inon Zur

Prince of Persia (2008)

Some dude wandering the desert thanks to a sand storm and a wayward donkey carrying his treasure runs into Elika, a princess. He’s just in time to see her father release Ahriman, a dark god, who plummets the land into corruption and only Elika, who has mysterious light powers, can stop him. With the dude’s help, of course. Sorry, nearly forgot that; I’m sure he’s vital.


Unusually and impressively looking like incredible concept art rendered directly onto your screen, this Prince of Persia has the odd feeling of a project completely redesigned late into it’s life. While tiny heads on all our characters, super-human feats performed by our human hero (who appears to be not needed by the story though a spectacular climax does interestingly justify his presence SPOILER because he is needed to resurrect Elika; he takes exactly the same course of action as the father, for the same reason and note how both Gods keep saying the same thing; the gameplay didn’t need him but the climax of the story did), an inconsistent tone that doesn’t fit the genre or seriousness of each situation and a making-tosh-up-as-we-see-fit story can be overlooked, the game completely misses the mark with unresponsive and uncertain controls that never quite consistently coalescence into fluent awesomeness. This problem becomes critical during the occasional combat sequences as the controls become even more unresponsive and unpredictable. Music’s good, though.

This game contains mild adult dialogue and blade violence, fantasy violence, unpleasant fantasy scenes.


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