Doctor Who 31.02 The Waters of Mars (2009, Science Fiction Adventure) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
David Tennant: The Doctor
Lindsay Duncan: Adelaide Brooke
Writer: Russell T. Davies
Writer: Phil Ford
Producer: Nikki Wilson
Director: Graeme Harper
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Daleks: Terry Nation
Composer: Murray Gold

Doctor Who 31.02 Waters of Mars, The (2009)

The Doctor is brought to Mars by the TARDIS but is dismayed to discover he’s arrived on the date that the first human colony on the red planet is going to die. However, the critical importance of the tragedy in spurring human progress in interstellar endeavours means he must not interfere with the event.


"State your name, rank and intention." "The Doctor. Doctor. … Fun?" Reminds me of the wonderful line in Police Squad where Drebin responds to ‘who are you and how did you get in here’ with "I’m a locksmith and… I’m a locksmith." However, despite this fun start and a comedic interlude with a souped-up robot, this is a more serious outing as the Doctor wrestles with his conscience regarding interfering in important events in the stream of time. David Tennant does some remarkable work, usually without words, in showing the conflict between two right courses behind his eyes, not even on his face. Sadly, some really strong moments (composer Murray Gold contributes to a blinding hero entrance) are undone by a script that doesn’t successfully communicate it’s interesting core.

This Doctor Who episode contains a single sexual swear word (?) and unpleasant and scary scenes.


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