The Mentalist 2.09 A Price Above Rubies (2009, Light Crime Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Creator: Bruno Heller
Simon Baker: Patrick Jane
Robin Tunney: Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang: Kendall Cho
Owain Yeoman: Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti: Grace Van Pelt
Michael Benyaer: Clinic Director
Callard Harris: Tomas Doverton
Jonell Kennedy: Coroner Pat
David Monahan: George Doverton
David Warshofsky: Donald Culpepper
Dey Young: Esther Doverton
Supervising Producer: Eoghan Mahony
Producer: Charlie Goldstein
Writer: Eoghan Mahony
Director: Charles Beeson
Executive Producer: Bruno Heller

Mentalist, The 2.09 Price Above Rubies, A (2009)

When a jewellery store robbery ends up with the manager shot, Jane states that the victim must be the prime suspect because he used to be a tennis pro.


Hypnotism isn’t really a useful interrogation technique. If it was, there’d be no need for torture. Elsewhere, this is an entirely ordinary episode but that means it’s quite entertaining, inoffensive and highly watchable. Favourite line was Jane’s response to "he’s not my uncle": "Sorry, the man having sex with your aunt, then."

This Mentalist, The episode contains mild adult dialogue and gun violence, unpleasant scenes.


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