Hoodwinked (2005, Mystery Fantasy CG Animation) – 5/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Cory Edwards
Co-Director: Tony Leech
Co-Director: Todd Edwards
Producer: Maurice Kanbar
Producer: Sue Bea Montgomery
Producer: Preston Stutzman
Producer: David K. Lovegren
Writer (Story): Todd Edwards
Writer (Story): Cory Edwards
Writer (Screenplay): Cory Edwards
Writer (Screenplay): Todd Edwards
Writer (Screenplay): Tony Leech
Editor: Tony Leech
Composer (Original Songs): Todd Edwards
Anne Hathaway: Red
Glenn Close: Granny
James Belushi: The Woodsman
Patrick Warburton: The Wolf
Anthony Anderson: Detective Bill Stork
David Ogden Stiers: Nicky Flippers
Xzibit: Chief Girzzly
Chazz Palminteri: Woolworth
Andy Dick: Boingo
Cory Edwards: Twitchy
Benjy Gaither: Japeth the Goat
Preston Stutzman: Timmy
Tony Leech: Glen
Todd Edwards: Sandwich Man
Cory Edwards: Walla Group
Todd Edwards: Walla Group
Lead Animator Red: Mylene L. Santos
Lead Animator The Wolf: Terence P. Roldan
Lead Animator Granny: Oliver P. Helis
Lead Animator The Woodsman: Eduardo C. Handog
Lead Animator Nicky Flippers: Jean Paul Y. Gonzales
Lead Animator Twitchy: Laurento Jovito H. Fua
Lead Animator Boingo: Numeriano T. Agustin

Hoodwinked (2005)

As the police investigate The Wolf breaking and entering Granny’s house and trying to eat Red Riding Hood, it turns out that something bigger is going on, something that involves a mysterious bandit stealing all the goodie recipes in the forest.


There’s just enough entertainment to pass the time in this CG animated Rashomon-inspired fairy tale. Patrick Warburton’s Wolf is fun (just like he was in The Emperor’s New Groove), the songs are fine but everything else is ordinary and the animation is oddly, and one suspects, deliberately, stilted. The design of lead character Red is strangely unappealing and she spends most of the movie looking miserable, comatose and irritated even when she’s singing happy songs.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.


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