Lie To Me 2.09 Fold Equity (2009, Mystery Drama) – 3/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Tim Roth: Dr. Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams: Dr. Gillian Foster
Brendan Hines: Eli Loker
Monica Raymund: Ria Torres
Hayley McFarland: Emily Lightman
Mekhi Phifer: FBI Agent Ben Reynolds
Creator: Samuel Baum
Abby Brammell: Poppy Wells
Todd Stashwick: Hugh Ellis
Jose Pablo Cantillo: Amadeo Valadez
Gene Farber: Vas Belanov
Ricky Jay: Mason Brock
Executive Producer: Samuel Baum
Writer: Sarah Fain
Writer: Elizabeth Craft
Director: Elodie Keene

Lie To Me 2.09 Fold Equity (2009)

Lightman tries to find a missing finalist for the Poker World Championship on behalf on the man who had him permanently barred from Las Vegas.


Another poor episode sees Lightman return to Vegas to investigate a missing player from the final table of the Poker World Championship but, as with all of this season, it’s tremendously unconvincing with a plot that does sort-of make sense but not with his character motivating proceedings.


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