The Mentalist 2.12 Bleeding Heart (2010, Light Crime Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Creator: Bruno Heller
Simon Baker: Patrick Jane
Robin Tunney: Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang: Kendall Cho
Owain Yeoman: Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti: Grace Van Pelt
Jack Conley: Chief Donner
Roark Critchlow: Mike Brewster
Joe Egender: Bart Henrik
Sean Maher: Wilson Fontano
Vyto Ruginis: Heaton Krupp
Rebecca Wisocky: Brenda Shettrick
Sharon Lawrence: Mayor Melba Walker Shannon
Producer: Charlie Goldstein
Writer: Erika Green Swafford
Director: Norberto Barba
Executive Producer: Bruno Heller

Mentalist, The 2.12 Bleeding Heart (2010)

The discovery of a mayoral aide buried at an official ground-breaking for a new development gets CBI involved but Jane is discomfited about a TV news reporter who gains fly-on-the-wall access to the investigation.


I love the way Jane runs as fast as possible from any physical confrontation. Beyond the obvious headline cold-reading skills of the character, this is, I feel, The Mentalist‘s most interesting and unusual contribution to the crime genre. Rigsby undoes his shirt for the second episode in a row while the awesomely nonchalant Cho most unusually cracks a smirk.

This Mentalist, The episode contains mild adult dialogue and unpleasant scene.


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