House M.D. 6.17 Knight Fall (2010, Black Comedy Medical Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean Leonard: Dr. James Wilson
Jesse Spencer: Dr. Robert Chase
Creator: David Shore
Peter Jacobson: Dr. Chris Taub
Olivia Wilde: Thirteen
Michael Weston: Lucas Douglas
Cynthia Watros: Sam Carr
Noah Segan: William
Sarah Jones: Shannon
Wes Ramsey: Miles
Producer: Marcy G. Kaplan
Producer: Sara Hess
Executive Producer: Hugh Laurie
Executive Producer: David Shore
Writer: John C. Kelley
Director: Juan J. Campanella

House M.D. 6.17 Knight Fall (2010)

House looks into the case of a knight who collapses after a duel but finds himself distracted when Wilson starts reconciling with his first ex-wife.


After last week’s dismal episode, this is a return to normal service and introduces a couple of new story threads to take us through to the end of the season: Wilson’s rekindling of romance with a ex-wife and a worsening of pain for House. Story-wise the episode presents, more interestingly than usual for drama, a selfish sexual morality. Our patient-of-the-week has chosen not to declare his love to his friend’s fiancée because it’s not right and he considers his friend to be better for her than him. Thirteen tells him he’s an idiot and that he should tell the girl and break up the relationship. What’s interesting is that Thirteen’s character is so blunt about this that her opinon, the usual selfish moral standard presented in entertainment dramas as the actions of the hero, become transparently selfish and somewhat distasteful. Though, perhaps, if you are someone who considers that we should ‘follow our heart,’ i.e., be selfish, you may not see it that way.

This House M.D. episode contains bad language, adult dialogue and unpleasant scenes and inferred nudity.


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