Taken (2007, Liam Neeson Albanian-Punching Thriller) – 7/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Liam Neeson: Bryan
Director: Pierre Morel
Writer: Luc Besson
Writer: Robert Mark Kamen
Maggie Grace: Kim
Xander Berkeley: Stuart
Olivier Rabourdin: Jean-Claude
Gérard Watkins: St-Clair
Famke Janssen: Lenore

Taken (2007)

Ex-covert ops Bryan Mills turns to his old skill set when his daughter is kidnapped in Paris by human traffickers.


This is a crisp thriller where a very angry Liam Neeson goes to Paris and punches nasty Albanian kidnappers in the throat (they took his daughter). And sometimes, that’s all you want. Neeson is great, he convinces completely and spits out his principle speech ("I will find you. I will kill you.") with a remarkable degree of controlled super-intensity. This is one of a number of movies that Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen keep making that look like they should be direct-to-video trash but which are better produced and written than they appear. They definitely give Liam Neeson a character to play and then line up plenty of baddies for him to hit very hard. Director Pierre Morel over-edits some of the vehicular action but maintains a good rhythm for the hand-to-hand, or rather hand-to-skull, action. He also avoids making the violence graphic and gratuitous; this is far less graphic than Banlieu 13 but received a higher certificate.

This movie contains an obscured sexual swear word, mild swear words, bad language, adult dialogue and subject matter of forced substance abuse and strong melee violence, brief graphic gun violence, gun violence, torture scene, unpleasant scenes.

Classified 18 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over.


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