Superbike 2001 (2000, Motorcycle Racing Game) – 8/10 game review

Cast / crew
Director: Antonio Farina

Superbike 2001 (2000)


Instantly impressive motorcycle racing game with outstanding animation, graphics and control. The animation is astonishing making this the best motorcycle video games have ever looked. Even without rag-dolls, the crashes, near-misses and bikes trying to unseat riders looks completely amazing and convincing (perhaps because the rider doesn’t disappear once a crash starts). Once you add the touch that your rider has to walk back to his bike and pick it up to continue (as do crashed AI riders), you genuinely cannot understand why motorcycle games since ignored everything amazing this game did. What is really odd is that the creative people behind this game still make motorcycle games at Milestone. Just worse ones. (Additionally, this works on Windows 7 in 98/ME Compatibility mode and with the 360 controller and in widescreen!)


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