Red Lights aka Feux rouges (2003, French Thriller) – 6/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Producer: Patrick Godeau
Jean Pierre Darroussin: Antoine
Carole Bouquet: Hélène
Writer (Screenplay): Cédric Kahn
Writer (Screenplay): Laurence Ferreira-Barbosa
Writer (Additional): Gilles Marchand
Writer (Original Novel): Georges Simenon
Director: Cédric Kahn

Red Lights aka Feux rouges (2003)

As they travel to pick up their children from summer camp, Antoine and Hélène have a typical domestic argument about getting lost and him stopping off for sneaky drinks. Exasperated, Hélène leaves him when he stops for yet another ‘toilet break’ and catches a train. Failing to catch her at the train station, Antoine turns around and spies a bar and decides to have one or two more for the road. One argument is about to cause a night neither of them will ever forget.


Successfully keeping the attention through crisp scripting and directing, this is a low-key sold-as-a-thriller with none of the histrionics that would be required by Hollywood and all the better for it. Once the events of the night have unfolded for Antoine (Jean Pierre Darroussin), director / co-writer Cédric Kahn delivers an impressive sequence where the audience is as disoriented as Antoine himself is as he realises that his wife is missing. Simply by a fade-to-black in the previous, unresolved, scene, he puts the audience off balance and gets them more involved in the movie by questioning what exactly is going on. When all is resolved at the end, Red Lights has proven to be an neat little movie, definitely worth watching as an intriguing juxtaposition to similarly themed but completely differently presented Hollywood thrillers.

This movie contains a single sexual swear word and substance abuse and a single scene of strong violence, unpleasant and gory scene.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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