Fracture (2007, Perfect Murder Drama) – 8/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Producer: Charles Weinstock
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Anthony Hopkins: Ted Crawford
Ryan Gosling: Willy Beachum
David Strathairn: Joe Lobruto
Rosamund Pike: Nikki Gardner
Embeth Davidtz: Jennifer Crawford
Billy Burke: Rob Nunally
Cliff Curtis: Detective Flores
Fiona Shaw: Judge Robinson
Bob Gunton: Judge Gardner
Writer (Screenplay): Daniel Pyne
Writer (Screenplay): Glenn Gers
Writer (Story): Daniel Pyne

Fracture (2007)

Ted Crawford has decided to kill his adulterous wife but is immediately arrested and charged with him holding the gun, standing over the shot body of his wife and having confessed twice. A nice open-and-shut case for moving-on Assistant District Attorney Willie Beachum turns out to be anything but when Crawford wheels out a surprise piece of evidence in court.


While I may be rather stupid for having no idea why this is called Fracture, this is a highly enjoyable perfect murder movie which manages to not do anything silly and doesn’t devolve into a violent climax (a couple of dim alternate endings are narrowly avoided). Director Gregory Hoblit has always been a frustrating filmmaker as he has taken a number of terrific concepts and ideas and turned them into rather dull movies. Here, however, his usual lethargic pace is just about kept in check by the fun of watching Anthony Hopkins waddle smugly around the screen and wondering how Ryan Gosling is going to be able to catch him. The final solution is, most unusually, highly satisfying.

This movie contains sexual swear words, adult dialogue and inferred gun violence, unpleasant scenes and sexuality.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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