Open Season (2006, Cynical Money-Grabbing Animated Adventure) – 1/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Martin Lawrence: Boog
Ashton Kutcher: Elliot
Debra Messing: Beth
Gary Sinise: Shaw
Billy Connolly: McSquizzy
Jon Favreau: Reilly
Director: Roger Allers
Director: Jill Culton
Co-Director: Anthony F. Stacchi
Producer: Michelle Murdocca
Executive Producer: John Carls
Executive Producer: Steve Moore
Writer (Screenplay): Steve Bencich
Writer (Screenplay): Ron J. Friedman
Writer (Screenplay): Nat Mauldin
Writer (Screen Story): Jill Culton
Writer (Screen Story): Anthony F. Stacchi
Writer (Original Story): Steve Moore
Writer (Original Story): John Carls
Michelle Murdocca: Maria

Open Season (2006)

Domesticated bear Boog gets deposited at the top of the mountain after meeting unwanted deer friend Elliot but as he tries to get back home he comes down into the hunting grounds and it’s open season.


Opening with a production company logo that literally falls flat and moving quickly on to a bear voiced by a just-woken-up, unrecognisable (and possibly wasted) Martin Lawrence before introducing the common demoninator of just about all non-Pixar CG animated movies, the intensely charmless, selfish sidekick (Ashton Kutcher, who appears to have wandered in from Madagascar), Open Season near instantly wears out it’s welcome. Typically, for this genre of children’s film, it teaches them that getting found out or caught in a lie is the worse thing that can happen and that selfishness (aka follow your heart; Elliot is only concerned with making Boog his friend; Boog is only concerned with getting home) is the way to live your life. Oh, and destruction and violence is the answer to everything. And that hurling rabbits at each other is fun. This is entirely devoid of charm and merit and a hateful lie of a movie.

This movie contains mild bad language and unpleasant scenes.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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