The Mentalist 2.20 Red All Over (2010, Light Crime Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Creator: Bruno Heller
Simon Baker: Patrick Jane
Robin Tunney: Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang: Kendall Cho
Owain Yeoman: Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti: Grace Van Pelt
Malcolm McDowell: Bret Stiles
Michelle Clunie: Tara Harrington
Steven Hack: David
Robyn Lively: Sadie Cardoza Harrington
Tanc Sade: Edward Harrington
Joseph Will: Steven Wench
Virginia Williams: Heather Evans
Bob Gunton: Alexander Harrington
Producer: Charlie Goldstein
Writer: Carolyn Ingber
Director: Roxann Dawson
Executive Producer: Bruno Heller

Mentalist, The 2.20 Red All Over (2010)

The CEO of a major international media group is murdered and his under-achieving brother is prime suspect.


The final solution is pretty interesting (father kills son who had an affair with his wife and sired a daughter; only he kills the wrong son) but how we get there is, frankly, unexplained. Jane wanders around for a bit, there’s an astoundingly ridiculous bomb-cultist story branch then he sets up the killer. It’s fun enough and Malcolm McDowell is always good for a bit of sliminess, but the formula is wearing thin.


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