Monster Jam (2007, Monster Truck Racer, 360) – 3/10 game review

Cast / crew
Producer: Kevin McIntosh
Game Designer: Ben Evans
Lead Level Designer: Van Ricketts
Lead Programmer: Stuart Cameron

Monster Jam (2007)

Race some of the world’s most famous monster trucks around fictional locations causing spectacular carnage and performing fantastic stunts. Unlock more events, trucks and videos as you progress through the championship mode which includes races around large outdoor fantasy tracks, indoor (more realistics) stadium tracks and freestyle stunt events.


Technically deficiency (on 360, a hopeless frame-rate, embarrassing texture work and a physics engine that is untuned for the mass carnage and obstacles caused by the gameplay) mean that what should be a fun, spectacular, unusual racing experience is something you want to end as quickly as possible. The game design is largely fine (with the exception of the unexplained scoring and stunt system in Freestyle events) with races rewarding both finishing position and chained carnage caused. Freestyle events concentrate on stunts (such as crushing cars) and help add some variation. Sadly, the physics are simply incapable of allowing the player to have fun because it almost always is taking control away from you. You never have any idea where your monster truck is going to go when you turn the wheel or hit an obstacle or touch the boost or drive along a clean bit of road in a straight line (hint, you probably won’t). This is a technically half-hearted (or half-budgeted?) effort and a missed opportunity to add another regular franchise to the racing game oeuvre.

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