Doctor Who 32.08,09 The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood (2010, Science Fiction Adventure) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Matt Smith: The Doctor
Karen Gillan: Amy Pond
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Producer: Peter Bennett
Director: Ashley Way

Doctor Who 32.08,09 Hungry Earth, The / Cold Blood (2010)

After a science project hits the milestone of drilling 21 kilometres into the Earth, the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive just as the Earth fights back.


Seemingly not really knowing what to do with the characters (though Amy does get a fun "did you just shush me?" moment), writer Chris Chibnall delivers an inconsistent double-episode where he keeps pulling things out of thin air to help the plot along and yet another end-of-the-world situation. When will writers realise that end-of-the-world drama generally isn’t dramatic at all. While harder, it is always much more interesting to focus on smaller problems. How do we get out of this locked room is always more involving for an audience than how do we save the world. However, there is an interesting backbone as the Doctor demands his cast members ‘be the best that humanity can be,’ and has to cope with his crushing disappointment when they don’t. Matt Smith takes the challenges of the script and makes them work while the homo-reptilians look great and the climax points to an intriguing season end in a couple of episodes time.

This Doctor Who episode contains extremely unpleasant scenes, fantasy violence.


Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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