Doctor Who 32.11 The Lodger (2010, Science Fiction Adventure) – 8/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Matt Smith: The Doctor
Karen Gillan: Amy Pond
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Producer: Tracie Simpson
Director: Catherine Morshead
James Corden: Craig
Daisy Haggard: Sophie

Doctor Who 32.11 Lodger, The (2010)

Arriving not quite where he’s expecting, the Doctor finds himself in even more trouble when the TARDIS kicks him out and cannot land. A day later, he takes a downstairs room where the upstairs is starting to eat people. Recognising that something strong enough to interfere with the TARDIS is not to be trifled with, he must not arouse suspicion and that means living as an ordinary human and not even using his sonic screwdriver.


Before we get to the season climax over the next two weeks, this episode combines a number of great elements into a fun episode. We get Matt Smith’s Doctor being funny and brilliant; his comic timing and delivery is impeccable. The plot generates suspense around an everyday object (a door intercom and upstairs flat) and there’s even an agreeably hoary romantic element as a fat bloke struggles to declare his love. We also get the most unusual scene (in the modern era) of the Doctor’s assistant – Amy Pond at the moment, of course – using the TARDIS and it’s equipment. Though the episode does turn out to be rather apocalyptic (though it would take the baddie some time to get through all six billion people at the rate it’s going), it’s the concentration on recognisable feelings and reactions that makes the episode so much better.

This Doctor Who episode contains unpleasant scenes.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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