Inception (2010) – 6/10 science fiction action movie review

Cast / crew
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Director: Christopher Nolan
Producer: Emma Thomas
Producer: Christopher Nolan
Leonardo Di Caprio: Cobb
Ken Watanabe: Saito
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Arthur
Marion Cotillard: Mal
Ellen Page: Ariadne
Tom Hardy: Eames
Cillian Murphy: Robert Fischer, Jr.
Tom Berenger: Browning
Michael Caine: Miles

Inception (2010)

Cobb is an extractor, someone who journeys into the subconscious dreams of a mark and finds information locked away. Then he is asked whether you can put something into a person’s mind via their subconscious, i.e., inception, to plant an idea?


An intelligent, gratifying but superficial movie (you feel pleased for keeping up) which bolts slick but shapeless action to an ambitious new universe. An action sequence should be a little story all on its own; a tale of tactics and why and how one side emerges victorious. Nolan doesn’t manage that here and the times that the environment utilises an Escher concept, it never comes off. He is much more successful in communicating the rules for his subconscious adventurers and so, despite the complexity of a limbo within a dream within a dream within a dream scenario, we’re usually pretty clear where we are and what we’re doing. Additionally, it seems that the movie has messages for us. At the most basic level, it’s a lot easier to take something (extraction; the removal of knowledge) than create something (inception; the planting of an idea). Is Nolan talking to movie pirates? Surprisingly, watching it for a second time is not a good idea. It lacks any kind of emotional connection (Cobb’s subplot doesn’t work at all) and, because we’re already familiar with the ideas, it is notably uninteresting for long periods.

This movie contains violence, suicides.

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


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