Moon (2009, Science Fiction) – 6/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Sam Rockwell: Sam Bell
Dominique McElligott: Tess Bell
Kaya Scodelario: Eve
Benedict Wong: Thompson
Matt Berry: Overmeyers
Malcolm Stewart: Technician
Kevin Spacey: Gerty
Writer (Story): Duncan Jones
Writer: Nathan Parker
Producer: Stuart Fenegan
Producer: Trudie Styler
Director: Duncan Jones

Moon (2009)

Sam Bell is nearing the end of his three-year contract working on a moon base producing HE3 for use on Earth. He has a couple of strange hallucinations and the second one causes him to have an accident. When he comes round in the infirmary and is told he can’t go outside until repair crews arrive he becomes suspicious.


This is a tidy science fiction movie whose most notable contribution to the genre is SPOILER an entirely non-malevolent computer. It’s such a refreshing change that it genuinely throws you off balance for a lot of the movie and means that what you are expecting to happen will not. Sam Rockwell is essentially the only person in the movie and I find him somewhat irritating and not always convincing in everything he does. It’s the same here. When he’s portraying more intense scenes of anger or dilapidation, he’s just not convincing. When he’s not trying, such as the scenes where he’s organising the trip home or milling about in the background, he’s much better. If you’re Sam Rockwell fan, feel free to add a star.

This movie contains frequent sexual swear words and gory and unpleasant scenes, violence and non-sexual male nudity, sexuality.


Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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