Croc (2007, Jaws-like Monster Horror) – 5/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Michael Madsen: Croc Hawkins
Peter Tuinstra: Jack McQuade
Sherry Phungprasert: Evelyn Namawong
Elizabeth Healey: Allison
Scott Hazell: Theo
Producer: Charles Salmon
Writer: Ken Solarz
Director: Stewart Raffill

Croc (2007)

The arrival of a man-eating crocodile in the area seems the perfect way for an evil hotel construction company to get rid of a local crocodile and wildlife tourist attraction which is in the way of a road they would like to build.


For this kind of no-budget Jaws-lite horror, Croc is satisfactory entertainment. For the most part, it’s crisply put together, Peter Tuinstra does a nice job of pretending it all makes sense (an evil hotel construction company wants to close a local tourist attraction, wha?), the largely low-key croc attacks are handled well enough and a kid gets eaten after refusing to come out of the water and his dad tells him ‘well, I’ll just let the croc eat you then.’

This movie contains crocodile attack violence, gory and unpleasant scenes.


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