Up (2009) – 7/10 Disney Pixar fantasy adventure movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Pete Docter
Co-Director: Bob Peterson
Producer: Jonas Rivera
Writer (Story): Pete Docter
Writer (Story): Bob Peterson
Writer (Story): Tom McCarthy
Writer (Screenplay): Bob Peterson
Writer (Screenplay): Pete Docter
Story Supervisor: Ronnie Del Carmen
Supervising Technical Director: Steve May
Supervising Animator: Scott Clark
Ed Asner: Carl Fredricksen
Christopher Plummer: Charles Muntz
Jordan Nagai: Russell
Bob Peterson: Dug
Bob Peterson: Alpha
Pete Docter: Campmaster Strauch

Up (2009)

After a long happy marriage, widower Carl Fredricksen decides to do the one thing he and his wife never managed: travel to South America and Paradise Falls in Venezuela. So, he attaches hundreds of helium-filled balloons to his house and embarks on a new adventure.


Opening with what may be Pixar’s strongest-yet sequence (welling up at the beginning of a movie, blimey) as Carl Fredricksen goes from boy to man, through love and marriage and the heartbreak of infertility and death, Up then takes to the skies, arrives in South America and, only then, struggles to suspend disbelief rendering the remainder of the movie good but obviously manipulative and non-sensical. 10/10 for the first part, 6/10 for the rest. Michael Giacchino supplies a terrific central theme which is highly evocative of Chaplin, delivers the strong emotional power of the wordless ‘married life’ montage and helps give the movie an agreeably timeless feel. Amazingly, you can’t buy it on CD.

This movie contains violence.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.

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