Hustle 6.02 Series 6 Episode 2 of 6 (2010, Light Crime Adventure) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Adrian Lester: Mickey Stone
Robert Glenister: Ash Morgan
Matt Di Angelo: Sean Kennedy
Kelly Adams: Emma Kennedy
Robert Vaughn: Albert Stroller
Writer: Fintan Ryan
Producer: Claire Phillips
Director: Iain B. MacDonald
Creator: Tony Jordan
Mark Benton: Finch
Nick Sidi: Clifford Davis
Writer (Original Idea): Bharat Nalluri

Hustle 6.02 Series 6: Episode 2 of 6 (2010)

While seeing Albert off at the airport – he’s going to relax in Vegas – the crew run into ‘Liability’ Finch who has just stolen a Van Gogh but had to leave it in Brazil. He asks Mickey for his help but Mickey insists he’ll only bring them unwanted attention and trouble.


Mark Benton is charmless and irritating at best (he’s the fat guy off those reverse-psychology Nationwide Building Society adverts) but the episode bad guy, an ambitious Customs cop, is great. That said, it definitely feels a bit off that the cop is not totally corrupt; he’s playing two sets of crims off each other to recover a stolen painting. Presumably, last week’s supercop Indira Varma will only now turn up again the last episode of the season. Shame.


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