Hustle 6.04 Series 6 Episode 4 of 6 (2010, Light Crime Adventure) – 8/10 TV review

Cast / crew
Adrian Lester: Mickey Stone
Robert Glenister: Ash Morgan
Matt Di Angelo: Sean Kennedy
Kelly Adams: Emma Kennedy
Robert Vaughn: Albert Stroller
Writer: Mark Chappell
Writer: Fintan Ryan
Director: Sarah O’Gorman
Creator: Tony Jordan
Danny Webb: Rex Kennedy
Writer (Original Idea): Bharat Nalluri

Hustle 6.04 Series 6: Episode 4 of 6 (2010)

Sean blows the latest con by failing to switch a briefcase and striding after a man entering an elevator. When he returns, he is disgusted with himself for letting the team down and not violently exacting punishment on the man: his father, who abandoned Emma and him when he was three-years-old.


A good deal more interesting than the usual ‘this time it’s personal’ stories that crop up in television shows as it believably develops characters without the need for rabbit-out-of-a-hat plot jumps.

This Hustle episode contains bad language and brief gory violence.


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