The Matrix (1999) – 9/10 science fiction existential action movie review

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Cast / crew
Director, Executive Producer and Writer: Andy Wachowski
Director, Executive Producer and Writer: Lana Wachowski | Larry Wachowski
Producer: Joel Silver
Neo: Keanu Reeves
Morpheus: Laurence Fishburne
Trinity: Carrie-Anne Moss
Agent Smith: Hugo Weaving
Oracle: Gloria Foster
Cypher: Joe Pantoliano

The Matrix (1999)

Nobody can be told what The Matrix is, Morpheus informs “Neo”, computer hacker supreme. Everyday, however, “Neo” is mild-mannered computer programmer Thomas A. Anderson who is plagued by the recurring thought that he needs to know what The Matrix is. One day, following the guidance of an apparent dream, Neo eventually meets Morpheus, the man who holds the key to his spiritual unease.


Science-fiction film presented in an astonishing manner. It would be easy to sniff and list all the places where the story concepts and visual effects had all been seen before but it doesn’t matter. The Matrix captures the attention and presents interesting, thought-provoking ideas with spectacular, extremely satisfying visuals. Frequently, concept art for a movie looks much better than the finished product but here, the movie looks exactly like the concept art. Producer Joel Silver allowed the Wachowski brothers to bring their vision precisely to the big screen and they gave him a definite classic and probably the most influential Hollywood movie since Star Wars. Watch and discuss.

This movie contains mild swear words, sexual swear words in end credits song, extreme and graphic gun, knife and melee violence, extremely unpleasant scenes

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.



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