How to Train Your Dragon (2010, Fantasy Buddy-Buddy Adventure) – 7/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Chris Sanders
Director: Dean DeBlois
Producer: Bonnie Arnold
Executive Producer: Tim Johnson
Writer (Screenplay): Dean DeBlois
Writer (Screenplay): Chris Sanders
Writer (Original Book): Cressida Cowell
Jay Baruchel: Hiccup
Gerard Butler: Stoick
Craig Ferguson: Gobber
America Ferrera: Astrid
Jonah Hill: Snotlout
Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Fishlegs
Head Of Character Animation: Simon Otto
Head of Story: Alessandro Carloni
Head Of Layout: Gil Zimmerman
Supervising Animator Hiccup: Jakob Hjort Jensen
Supervising Animator Hiccup: David Torres
Supervising Animator Toothless: Gabe Hordos
Supervising Animator Toothless: Cassidy Curtis
Supervising Animator Astrid: Steven "Shaggy" Hornby
Supervising Animator Stoick: Kristof Serrand
Supervising Animator Gobber: Fabio Lignini

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Hiccup is a scrawny but brainy viking who doesn’t fit in (stop me if you’ve heard this befor


This is a movie starring a dragon and it’s not only not awful, it’s rather good. Additionally, this is a movie starring (Scottish!) Vikings and it’s not only not awful, it’s rather good. While the story is probably broken there is enough charm, fun and entertainment to cover it. Lilo & Stitch directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois successfully use similar character designs for their unusual-looking dragons (and they also look like Monsters Inc.’s Randall Boggs) while the animators take sterling voice work from Jay Baruschel and Gerard Butler and embody them in the best character animation Dreamworks has ever done. Not certain why Hiccup needed to SPOILER lose his leg at the end but it’s genuinely refreshing to see a Dreamworks animation not stuffed with sexual jokes and cross-species breeding (or bestiality as it’s known in the human world) and this is their best film since Shrek 2 in 2004.

This movie contains violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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