Galleon (2004, Broken Action Adventure, Xbox) – 6/10 game review

Cast / crew
Game Designer: Toby Gard

Galleon (2004)

Awesome, dashing, charming, heroic sea captain Rhama Sabrier is hired to find a mystical ship but, when he does, a traitorous servant usurps and murders his Master and threatens to, um, well his eyes turn red and he gets incredible powers and that can’t be good. And he’s got an evil beard. So Rhama’s gonna stop him. Hurrah!


This is a review of a game I have not completed but it’s not really my fault, it’s down to a bug. Literally, there’s a fire-bug late on in the game I need to pick up and hero Rhama simply won’t do it. It is the epitome of the problem with the game: the camera and controls designers hated each other and never ever spoke to the level designers. This is a great game broken by controls that are fiddly, confounding (hehe) and disorienting at best and a camera that insists on looking at everywhere except where you want. It’s such a huge shame as everything else is great. The puzzles and characters are fun and satisfying; the game is spectacular and unusual; Rhama’s splendidly cool and can do loads of stuff. There’s nice sense of humour and nonchalant awesomeness. Rerelease it with God of War controls and it would be an easy eight or nine out of ten.

This game contains violence and sensuality.

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