Les chevaliers du ciel aka Sky Fighters (2005) – 5/10 French aerial action movie review

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Cast / crew
Producer: Eric Altmayer
Producer: Nicolas Altmayer
Producer: Laurent Brochand
Benoit Magimel: Capitane Antoine “Walk’n” Marchelli
Clovis Cornillac: Capitaine Sébastien “Fahrenheit” Vallois
Philippe Torreton: Bertrand
Director and Writer: Gérard Pirès
Writer: Gilles Malençon
Characters Creator: Jean-Michel Charlier
Characters Creator: Albert Uderzo

Les chevaliers du ciel aka Sky Fighters (2005)

When a Mirage 2000 is stolen during the Farnborough Air Show, two French pilots shoot it down after it goes weapons hot. After the President commends them for their bravery, they are taken aside into a room and informed that they shot down a fellow French pilot on a secret mission. But that doesn’t explain why the Mirage went to fire a missile at them.


This is a movie all about the aerial sequences. They are endlessly spectacular, beautiful, and convincing. Sadly, despite an interesting story nugget reminding us that not all terrorists are ‘beardies,’ the character and plot are flat and handled without passion or interest. Even worse, the climax is badly muffed. It should be spectacular, tense and thrilling, especially given the remarkable permission to film over the Paris Bastille Day parade. It’s not terribly clear what the baddies plan is and it’s all over in a few seconds without build-up or tension. Very much a case of ‘is that it?’ It’s still worth watching for the aerial sequences if you like that kind of thing and, if comparing it to Top Gun (it’s an EU requirement), they are lovelier to behold but the story and characters are much worse, almost broken.

This movie contains sexual swear words, strong adult dialogue, strong sensuality, violence


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