Cars: Mater-National (2007, Open-World Racing, 360) – 6/10 game review

Cast / crew
Lead Designer: Mark Buchignani
Lead Programmer: Eric Patrick
Lead Artist: Paul Rheinfelder
Lead Animator: Wil Paras

Cars: Mater-National (2007)

Lightning McQueen is building a racing stadium in Radiator Springs and competitors from all over the world want to prove their worth against him on his home turf.


It’s just fun when cars go ‘ouch’ when you bang into them or a car trash-talks you while overtaking going backwards. Mini-game Tractor Tipping is an unresponsive nightmare when it should be a neat diversion but most of the other mini-games are fine. The best one is Ghosting Mater where the controls are reversed and Fuel Frenzy where you have to pick up diminishing fuels cans to last a certain number of laps. Both have simple rules but are just a little more interesting than usual. Lightning McQueen proves to be a bland (at best) star but the supporting cast are great and it was a joy to see SPOILER Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc. Mike’s car is especially brilliant.

Classified 3+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for persons who have reached the age of 3 or over.

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