Jonathan Creek 1.01,02 The Wrestler’s Tomb (1997, Mystery Black Crime Comedy) – 7/10 TV review

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Cast / crew
Jonathan Creek: Alan Davies
Maddy Magellan: Caroline Quentin
Executive Producer and Writer: David Renwick
Anthony Stewart Head: Adam Klaus
Director: Marcus Mortimer
Colin Baker: Hedley Shale
Saskia Mulder: Francesca Boutron
Sheila Gish: Serena Shale
Producer: Susan Belbin

Jonathan Creek s01e01-02 The Wrestler’s Tomb (1997)

A burglar seeks the help of an investigative journalist (!) to help him get out of a murder he didn’t commit. The problem is that the person with the most obvious motive, the wife of the adulterous victim, was inside a thirteenth-floor office at the time of the murder and hadn’t left all morning.


Unfortunately filmed as a star vehicle for the irritating Caroline Quentin (meaning she get’s the Poirot how-dun-it speech at the end and is bafflingly portrayed as romantically enticing), this opening episode for classic murder mystery show Jonathan Creek also features one of its weaker solutions. Not that you’ll guess it, despite your best efforts, and that’s critical. Much more discussion of the plot would be a giant spoiler but the important thing is your mind is invested in trying to work out how someone shoots her husband without leaving a thirteenth floor office. Director Marcus Mortimer employs a naughty false flashback but otherwise does an efficient job. Writer David Renwick gifts Alan Davies a character that ticks all the maverick cop cliché boxes (without making him a cop) and crafts a number of tidy gags including a great Steadicam joke ("It gets rid of jerks." "So does Clint Eastwood but I don’t want to strap him to my chest.") and an irate husband hoovering Jonathan’s face.

This Jonathan Creek episode contains mild adult dialogue, sexuality, nudity in paintings, unpleasant scenes

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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