Robin B Hood (2006, Jackie Chan Action Comedy) – 1/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Producer: Jackie Chan
Executive Producer: Jackie Chan
Executive Producer: Albert Yeung
Executive Producer: Willie Chan
Executive Producer: Wang Zhongjun
Director: Benny Chan
Jackie Chan: Thongs
Louis Koo: Octopus
Michael Hui: Landlord
Chen Baoguo:
Gao Yuanyuan: Melody
Matthew Medvedev: The Baby
Writer: Jackie Chan
Writer: Benny Chan
Writer: Alan Yuen
Writer (Story): Alan Yuen
Biao Yuen: Steve Mok
Wong Yuk-man:

Robin B Hood (2006)

Thongs and Octopus are master thieves but useless humans. Thongs has a serious gambling problem and an alienated family and Octopus blows his money on women and things to impress women while being horrible to his pregnant wife. After their boss Landlord has his ill-gotten gains stolen, he comes up with a plan that will net them $7 million in one go but he fails to tell Thongs and Octopus exactly what they’ll be stealing this time.


This is a near-unbelievably poor Jackie Chan film which builds up from Jackie stealing medicine from a hospital to, arguably, the most stupid, genuinely astonishing and audience insulting climax in movie history. Don’t let this awesome picture of Louis Koo hoovering up the baby or the fact that Jackie’s character is called Thongs tempt you into watching this. Remember how Gorgeous was stupendously dull in between all-time classic fight scenes? Well this is similar except the fight scenes are merely okay and in-between we have Jackie Chan making up for a lack of homosexuality and poop in his earlier movies in addition to being an gambling-addicted baby-kidnapping thief aided and abetted by a feckless wastrel. It’s really far worse than I’m making it sound.

This movie contains mild swear words and dangerous behaviour including putting a baby in a washing machine, in a deep freeze and defibrillating it using a car battery, martial arts violence.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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