Robin Hood (2010, Medieval Action Adventure Drama) – 6/10 movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer (Screenplay): Brian Helgeland
Writer (Story): Brian Helgeland
Writer (Story): Ethan Reiff
Writer (Story): Cyrus Voris
Producer: Brian Grazer
Producer: Ridley Scott
Producer: Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe: Robin Longstride
Cate Blanchett: Marion Loxley
William Hurt: William Marshal
Mark Strong: Godfrey
Mark Addy: Friar Tuck
Oscar Isaac: Prince John
Danny Huston: King Richard the Lionheart
Kevin Durand: Little John
Scott Grimes: Will Scarlet
Matthew Macfadyen: Sheriff of Nottingham
Eileen Atkins: Eleanor of Aquitaine
Simon McBurney: Father Tancred
Max von Sydow: Sir Walter Loxley

Robin Hood (2010)

A lowly archer finds circumstances thrust him into a critical position in defending England from a French invasion… and the selfishness of its own king.


While it’s more interesting than expected, it’s not terribly convincing: A self-confessed “lowly archer” leads a cavalry charge in battle and issues tactics; he conveniently has a father he knew nothing about who had masterminded a new constitution guaranteeing liberty for citizens; the French army uses World War II landing barges (though anachronistic that was, at least, cool). But this is very nearly a Gladiator with mud. It has a similar intriguing mix of politics, action, military tactics and the inspiration of a courageous man who stands up to those misusing their authority and it’s Ridley Scott’s best film since Matchstick Men seven years ago.

This movie contains adult dialogue and violence, inferred sexual violence, animated extreme and gory violence during closing credits (!) and sex scene, nudity.

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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