Superstars® V8 Racing (2009, 360) – 6/10 racing game review

Cast / crew
Senior Producer: Fabio Paglianti
Lead Game Designer: Matteo Pezzotti
Game Designer: Matteo Sciutteri
Game Designer: Luca Simonotti
Physics Designer: Emanuele Mari
Physics Designer: Irvin Zonca

Superstars® V8 Racing (2009)

Race in the official International and Italian Superstars® V8 racing championship.


Superstars® V8 Racing gives us the chance to race on some uncommon tracks such as Adria, Magione, Varano and Portimao for the first time. Sadly, the handling has a gigantic zone of unresponsiveness in the steering which makes precision feel just out of reach. Once you’ve got used to that, the game controls well with a nice feeling of weight that requires just enough concentration to make perfecting laps highly enjoyable. This is also a lot easier than Milestone’s motorcycle games and I had fun collecting all the achievements and prizes and completing the race scenario challenges and, perhaps rather randomly, the thunder sound effect is surprisingly impressive.

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