Jonathan Creek s02e04,05 The Problem at Gallows Gate (1998) – 7/10 black comedy crime drama TV review

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Cast / crew
Jonathan Creek: Alan Davies
Maddy Magellan: Caroline Quentin
Executive Producer and Writer: David Renwick
Clarke Peters: Hewie Harper
Jennifer Piercey: Kitty
Stuart Milligan: Adam Klaus
Producer: Verity Lambert
Director: Keith Washington

Jonathan Creek s02e04,05 The Problem at Gallows Gate (1998)

Adam Klaus’s sister witnesses a woman being strangled and is certain she can identify the killer if she sees him again. Except the man she identifies committed suicide three weeks earlier.


This double episode takes ages to deliver the mystery, the whole of the first episode, in fact, but keeps things bubbling with some useful comedy including a jazz trumpeter who was blind but secretly had corrective surgery (a good laugh when he walks in on a naked Jennifer Pearcey on a sunbed) and a good gag for Caroline Quentin after her flat is burgled ("it took me ages to get it straight again"). There’s not quite enough mystery for a double-episode (SPOILER we never believed the suicide was real) and the how-dun-it reveal in someone’s kitchen feels completely wrong. That said, the solution certainly turns out more interesting than expected as what we saw wasn’t what we thought we saw; very clever (SPOILER trying to make someone vomit, not trying to strangle them).

This Jonathan Creek episode contains nudity, suicide, violence

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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