Jonathan Creek 4.03 The Tailor’s Dummy (2003) – 7/10 black comedy crime drama TV review

Cast / crew
Alan Davies: Jonathan Creek
Julia Sawalha: Carla Borrego
Writer: David Renwick
Adrian Edmondson: Brendan Baxter
Maureen Lipman: Louise Bergman
Nicholas Jones: Claude Bergman
Jill Baker: Donna Henry
Victoria Shalet: Carrie Bergman
Bill Bailey: Kenny Starkiss
Producer: Verity Lambert
Director: Christine Gernon

Jonathan Creek 4.03 Tailor’s Dummy, The (2003)

When a leading but aging fashion designer throws himself out of an upper storey window to his death, presumably after reading an extremely harsh review, it is viewed as a tragedy. The grieving family, however, take matters into their own hands and force the journalist to literally eat her own words at gunpoint. At one point, the gunman has to remove his mask after an allergic reaction to some flowers in her room and can be clearly identified as Claude Bergman, the designer’s son. When the gunman is apprehended leaving the room, however, the mask is removed to reveal not Claude but an unknown black man.


A couple of sweet gags are icing on the cake of a really solid episode with two mysteries, both wonderfully ingenious, with one serving as an audience misdirection for the other. He presents the audience with all the same clues as Creek but you’re not going to determine all the answers. However, Renwick does include a slightly odd white slavery subplot (featuring Bill Bailey) to fill the time and, most oddly, he resolves it in favour of the baddies.

This Jonathan Creek episode contains mild swear words and repeated graphic suicide jump including impact and some genuinely world class d├ęcolletage.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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